New “Where Is My Mind? (Redux) Official Lyric Video!

Ahoy! We are _very_ proud to announce the release of the New Lyric Video for the re-imagining of the Pixies classic “Where Is My Mind? (Redux)” featuring vocals by Surreyya!  THIS is the version I always heard in my head with both male and female vocals, and now we have FINALLY realized it!  

Stay salty my Friends!

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Santa Cruz, CA based alternative “saltwater rock” leviathan Stormy Strong formed in 2006 and has been sweeping the globe with his Crew (4 piece band) a top a tsunami of salty melodic anthems. Unrelenting razor-sharp rock hooks sink unforgettably deep with singles “Never Say Never”, “Holiday”, “Angels Cry” and “Lye”. From life at sea on “Sail Away” and loss on land in “Goodbye”, to mermaids in “Holiday” (performers in the live show), there is something unique in this sonic and visual feast for everyone! 

Stormy is the son of a California commercial fisherman and the inspiration of his own near death experiences at sea provide for honest lyrics soaked in raw emotion that splice seamlessly with award winning song-writing. The son of a commercial fisherman, and a UCSC graduate, Stormy is truly a son of Surf City. Today his family’s fishing boat sits atop the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf as a permanent reminder of the adventures which bring the music to life. Inspired by his many trips hundreds of miles off shore with his father, Stormy’s music has a hooky yet raw realness, culminating from his real life experiences at sea. His songs will leave you cast a drift, melodies swimming inside your head long after the show is over.

As well as performing hundreds of shows in North America, Stormy has won a number of songwriting awards from:  West Coast Songwriters, DiscMakers Songwriting Competition, Indie Songwriting Competition, Billboard World Songwriting Contest, and the Great American Songwriting Contest.  


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